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SE Championships 07 —

WTA Masters Championships, former Sony Ericsson Championships, is the annual tournament for the best female tennis players in singles and best teams in doubles on the WTA Tour.

In 2007 the series was held in Madrid, and we were commissioned to raise awareness about such a minority sport in a big football nation, also urged to target sports fans nationwide. No mean feat.


Teaser campaign —

Shortly before the competition, Sevilla FC was facing Real Madrid in the struggle for league's championship. Such venue was a perfect chance to meet our target, so we proposed to sponsor the presentation of Janković, last signing for the local team.


Official presentation —

It was mandatory to perform an event worth seeing, and it took place during the break, when a tennis court was set up within minutes so that WTA #3 Jelena Janković could confront historical captain SFC #24 Pablo Alfaro in an unusual match that reached huge visibility in media.

Experience worth remembering —

Jelena Janković gained the distinction of being the first tennis player to compete in a football pitch, entering the club's history along with other legendary players. To celebrate this historic event, we wanted to gift Sevilla FC supporters with a very special souvenir.

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